Basic Home Construction

Addressing Homelessness in Sri Lanka

A number of countries in the world list housing as a basic human right, going so far as to enshrine it as part of their constitutions. However, in both the developed and developing country setting, there are a vast number of individuals and families who do not have this most basic of human rights. In the Sri Lankan setting, particularly in the light of recent economic hardships, many individuals and families have been rendered homeless or remain in sub-standard homes. In an effort to stabilize the housing situation for these vulnerable families, either by building homes or completing essential elements required in a home, Satva Fund considers providing housing assistance another key priority.

toilet project
Construction of Toilets for Tea Plantation Workers

In September 2023, Satva Fund decided to finance the construction of 10 sanitary toilets adjoining the homes of tea plantation workers in two tea estates (Lionorn and Bogawanthalawa) in the Hatton District of Sri Lanka’s hill country.

To do so, Satva Fund is collaborating with the Plantation Human Development Trust (PHDT), which aims to construct 10,000 toilets for plantation workers.

For some years now, the PHDT has been engaged in projects to enhance the quality of life for workers in this critical sector of Sri Lanka’s economy by building houses, toilets, school systems, and small hospitals.

Following up on Satva’s September 2023 toilet construction project, in March 2024, Satva provided funds for the construction of an additional 10 sanitary toilets adjoining the homes of tea sector workers on another estate, Blairlomond Estate, in the Uda Pussellawa Region (Nuwara Eliya District) in Sri Lanka’s Central Province.

Completing the Construction of a Home for a Single Mother with Two Daughters

In August 2023, a Satva Fund Board member was contacted by Drops of Light, an organization Satva Fund Board members have worked with in the past, about funding the completion of a house in Weligama in Sri Lanka’s Southern Province for a single mother and her two daughters.

The mother, whose husband passed away about 20 years ago, is educating her two daughters despite very difficult circumstances, including gradual loss of her vision. The elder daughter is a student at the Sri Lanka School of Agriculture in Sri Lanka’s Southern Province, and the younger daughter is currently studying for the Advanced Level examination.

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