Animal Welfare, Wildlife and Environmental Conservation

Advancing Animal Welfare, Wildlife Protection, and Environmental Conservation Initiatives

Promoting animal welfare, protecting wildlife and fostering environmental conservation is another Satva Fund priority. Focusing on these goals by funding specific programs to mitigate some of the negative effects of climate change, poorly planned population surges to certain rural areas of Sri Lanka, conflicts between humans and wildlife in buffer zones between national parks and human settlements, rapid increases in feral dogs and cats and rising levels of rabies among dogs and cats are all Satva Fund objectives.

Education Sri Lanka
Monthly Stipends to Disadvantaged Students

The Araliya Trust aims to support families whose school-age children may be in danger of discontinuing their education because they cannot meet the related financial burden. In response, Satva Fund agreed to provide a monthly stipend to ten students in different parts of Sri Lanka.

These students, ranging in ages from 10 to 22, receive stipends to assist them with essential expenditures to further their education.

Among the students supported by the Satva Fund are a 13-year-old from Deniyaya who passed the Grade 5 scholarship exam and is now at Deniyaya Central, and a final-year medical student at the University of Jaffna.

Araliya Trust has been engaged in this effort for over two decades now and carefully tracks the progress of these students through four community-based monitors.

The Education Stipend Initiative Expands

In July 2023, Satva Fund launched an initiative to assist eight disadvantaged students to continue their education.

Four students are in secondary school (Grades 7, 10, and 11, respectively) and attend schools in Colombo and Haputale. Satva Fund monthly stipends help these students meet expenses related to transportation to school, school and tuition fees, school supplies, school uniforms, and shoes.

The other four students hail from Deniyaya, Gampaha, Bandarawala, and Ambalantota; two are enrolled in Diploma Courses in Multimedia/Graphic Design and Software Engineering, and two are enrolled at the University of Colombo and the University of Moratuwa in degree programs in Information Technology. Satva Fund stipends help them meet housing, transportation, educational supplies, living, and other essential expenses.

We track the progress of these students through periodic reports from a reliable source.

Partnership With Drops of Light

In August 2023, Satva Fund provided funds to the Drops of Light organization to partially support the educational journey of two students (both 16 years old) in Weligama and Matara scheduled to take their Advanced Level examinations in 2025.

Rice and curry

Meals to Patients and Caregivers at the Kandy Cancer Hospital

January – August 2023

Community Meal Share Trust is a not-for-profit organization seeking to share meals with underprivileged communities in Sri Lanka.

A Satva Fund board member, who had been working with Community Meal Share Trust for some months, initiated a discussion with trust officials to determine a way to collaborate.

When Satva Fund was informed about the dire need to pay for the meals of patients and caregivers traveling to the Kandy Cancer Hospital from great distances for outpatient cancer treatments, Satva Fund decided to sponsor meals for about 100 patients and caregivers once a week.

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